Yeah, ages since I posted here. Not sure anyone is even reading here anymore, but if you are, well – you’ll be surprised to see a new entry in the RSS feed or however you’ve kept track of this otherwise dormant feed.

It’s the day after thanksgiving and Karen and I were talking about all the various decisions we’ve made leading us to today. Living in Seattle, a great little house, doing things we love. Karen described it, stretching back two decades, of generally “erring on the side of adventure”. Moving to Seattle – now 13 years ago, leaving Singingfish/Thompson/AOL, joining Docusign, leaving Docusign, joining up and working for Disney, in turn leaving Disney, etc. Nothing we’ve done has been a sure bet. Lots of them were “pretty out there” in terms of “can it, or will it even work out”.

Probably the most strange to me is that I tend to think of myself as being risk averse. I’m sure there’s plenty of my family that would smack me upside the head for that. We’ve taken quite a number of flyers, and the sum total of the game has been pretty darned good. We definitely have a lot to be thankful for.

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