This blog has been quiet, well – dead frankly – for nearly two years. Not all of that accountable to technical difficulties, but I was self-hosting wordpress for ages, and the last hosting service I used had frequent issues with the DB backend that I finally resolved this past weekend – by moving to hosting on

I’ve been spending most of this last year developing in NodeJS, and I’m starting to think it’s time to also kick in some self-learning with Swift as well. For most of the little one liners and such, I’ve been doing what the rest of the world has been doing – posting it to twitter or Facebook. But while they’re nice and “social”, those platforms are terrible for writing longer-form pieces. And that’s what I’m hoping and aiming to do over the coming months – start posting a bit more “how-to”, like I used to (and are in the archives).

I’ve got to say, I’ve actually been a bit inspired to do this by Khan Academy – curious for ages, I’ve been taking some of their advanced math courses to refresh myself on topics that I thought would be fun to learn on the side. I’m in the process now of trucking through linear algebra, and that got me all excited about not only learning, but maybe getting a bit back into teaching.

We’ll see how it bears out in reality, but I’ve already got some topics in mind that have come up as I’ve been jumping back and forth between language ecosystems (python, NodeJS, Objective-C, and now swift).

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