Devops is organizational change

Like many folks with a public blog and internet presence with operational experience, I get pinged by recruiters (even human ones!) looking for “devops people”. The recruiters are looking for talent for their organizations, and to just fill their quotas, I get it. I didn’t reply to this one, instead I’m writing this blog post.

For the last several years there has been, and continues to be, a loud and clear drumbeat that devops isn’t a role or something you do, it is an organizational change. The core of this organizational change is that the same guys writing the code are running the services. The concept of a separate “cost center” to run your business critical application is falling away. QA and Operations as dedicated roles are getting rarer, the value of them as separate organizational roles being questioned. Classic operations is transforming into “run this enterprise software we purchased”. QA is a duty performed, same as development, not roles for separate teams with different organizational structures. 

When I read job descriptions that have just renamed “operations” to “devops”, I see a company steering their ship towards the rocks. It is not clear if it is part of a larger course correction, or if the captain is asleep at the wheel. Either way, it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

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