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It’s been all quiet here since I ran out of queue’d blog posts back in April. I’ve been “on the road”, sometimes in a very real sense, and mostly disconnected for the past several months. I’m back home now, cleaning up and recovering from the extended trip. When I started on this trip, I thought it was perhaps about resetting my interests and meeting some new people with different backgrounds and from difficult cultures. What I found is that my interests haven’t varied all that much from when I started, and while we did meet some amazing people, made a few new friends, and saw some amazing sights. In fact, if anything, it was art and sketching that came to the forefront.

I am “interested from a distance” (meaning I did not want to create it myself, but I very much appreciate the work) of architecture and buildings – and historical, of medieval, buildings really capture my interest. I suppose it’s not surprising that my sketching followed in that interest, and I took some time to work specifically on pencil sketching as well as pen and ink, starting to build up some means of capturing and hinting at textures. I still completely suck at human figures, but think I made some real progress on trees and organic landscapes.

A lot of our recent travel was around smaller, preserved towns in Germany and France – and cobblestones turned into my own personal nemesis to represent, so I selected some of the sketches to post here. I pushing some panorama’s into facebook (they display really well there) and more general photo’s onto twitter, so while I don’t usually mention those sites from here, if you’re interested in some of those photos, check out https://www.facebook.com/ccjoe or http://twitter.com/heckj.

I’m mostly recovered from jet-lag now, and sorting through the ideas and journaling I did in between sketching, sight-seeing, and abusing the languages of dutch, french, german, and icelandic. (Icelandic language is really cool, this was my first real introduction to it). I’ll have more posts in the coming weeks as I sort out thoughts and ideas, and re-read my scribblings in the sketchbook.

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