Kubernetes for Developers is published!

It’s been a quiet few months on the blog, as all of my writing attentions have been focused on the book project I started back in September of last year. It is now published and available!


If you are so inclined, you can find a copy at PacktPub.com, or on Amazon.

When I started this project, one of the things I really wanted to do was work with some editors to improve my writing. And while they didn’t work with my on this book, I learned a tremendous amount from Jennifer Rondeau and Steve Perry, who are technical writers (and editors) at Heptio and Google respectively, both maintainers of the  Kubernetes open source project documentation.

As a side effect of this project, I got involved with the Kubernetes Docs team, helping out here and there and becoming a maintainer myself in the process. Its a wonderfully diverse (and growing) team of collaborators from a bunch of different companies and backgrounds, and as a whole have been incredibly welcoming and helped bolster my knowledge to be able to write the book.

Published by heckj

Joe has broad software engineering development and management experience, from startups to large companies. Joe works on projects ranging from mobile to multi-cloud distributed systems, has set up and led engineering teams and processes, as well as managing and running services. Joe also contributes and collaborates with a wide variety of open source projects, and writes online at https://rhonabwy.com/.

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