A torii gate at Danjo Garan in Koyosan

We recently returned from our first visit to Japan. Karen and I have been wanting to go for quite a while, and the time was right – so most of the month of October was dedicated to that endeavor.

I loved our trip, and we were fortunate enough to even be in Kyoto during on of the festivals – Jidai Matsuri.

Our trip and tour included Kushiro, Tokyo, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Meijima Island, and Kyoto – as well as a number of places in between that will take a while to unblur in my memory.

Hiroshima Memorial

We took a tour through Samurai ToursBest of Japan, which I highly recommend if you want a good sampling of a wide swath of Japan. Their guides were excellent and informative, and I can’t thank Charlie enough for his instruction in how to navigate the signage for the Tokyo trains and subways, which more or less held us in stead through the entire trip. I do wish we could have stayed longer in some areas, but another trip in the future will have to do.

Yours truly, visiting a Studio Ghibli store in Kyoto
The Golden Shrine, in Kyoto
Looking around from the top of Miyajima Island, near Hiroshima

Tokyo subway map – yep, it’s complicated – but amazing!
Pigment, a dangerous store for artists…
giant buddha at Kamakura Daibatsu
The ryokan we stayed at in Takayama

The sheer artistry in every day life in Japan was amazing, and I miss it already being back in the US. Another trip in the future, I tell myself…

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