Using Combine v1.1 is available

After getting the major edits for the existing content done, I called the result the first release. As with any creative product, I wasn’t happy with some of the corners that still had rough edges. Over the past two weeks I fleshed those in, wrote a bunch of unit tests, figured out some of the darker corners that I’d previously ignored, and generally worked to improve on the overall consistency.

The results have been flowing into the online version as I merged them. And now the updated version, available on gumroad in PDF and ePub format, is updated as well. Anyone who’s previously purchased the content gets the updates for free – just log in and they are available for you.

The rough bits that were fleshed out include several focuses of content:

  • Tests created and content written (and updated) for the multicast and share operators. The focus was primarily how they work and how to use them.
  • Worked through what the Record publisher offers (and doesn’t offer), including how to serialize & deserialize recorded streams (while this sounds cool, its not ultimately as useful as I hoped it might be).
  • Added the missing note that swift’s Result type could also be used as a publisher, courtesy of a little extension that was added in Combine.
  • Updated some of the details of throttle and debounce with the specifics of delays that are incurred in timing, after having validated the theories with some unit tests (spoiler: debounce always delays the events by a short bit, but throttle doesn’t have much of an impact). I had previously written about throttle and debounce on this blog as well.

The new version is 1.1, tagged in the underlying repository if you are so inclined to review/poke at the unit tests beyond the narrative details I shared in the book itself.

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