About Joe Heck

Seattle, WA 98109

Twitter: @heckj, Facebook: ccjoe, Linkedin: josephheck

Work Experience & Projects:

  • CTO, SunLink
  • Director, Dell EMC
  • Founder and VP of Engineering, Renasar Technologies
  • VP of Engineering, Nebula Inc
  • Director of Automation and Cloud Services at Disney Connected and Advanced Technologies
    • 24 years experience in development, system administration and system analysis.
    • 15 years experience leading and mentoring engineering and development staff.
    • Proven ability to create and direct effective teams to accomplish amazing things.
  • Diverse experience encompassing both small organizations and large institutions.
    • Worked within environments from 3 to 30,000 employees.
    • Managed systems supporting multiple geographic locations.
    • Management and support of over 5000 servers in heterogeneous OS environments (Windows and Linux).
  • Software development using NodeJSPython, Objective-C, C#, Perl, C, and Java,
    • Distributed Systems, web services, micro-services, and application development
    • Project Technical Lead (Keystone) and OpenStack contributor
    • Holistic and deep involvement with developement, quality assurance and operations for multiple web based service plaforms.
    • Test directed development, continuous integration, and continuous deployment.
    • Development support and management of version control systems, bug tracking, system metrics and monitoring and configuration management systems.


Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering and Bachelor of Science Computer Engineering, May 1990 from University of Missouri – Columbia, MO.