About Joseph Heck

Seattle, WA 98109

Twitter: @heckj, Facebook: ccjoe, Linkedin: josephheck

Work Experience & Projects:

  • CTO, SunLink
  • Director, Dell EMC
  • Founder and VP of Engineering, Renasar Technologies
  • VP of Engineering, Nebula Inc
  • Director of Automation and Cloud Services at Disney Connected and Advanced Technologies
    • 24 years experience in development, system administration and system analysis.
    • 15 years experience leading and mentoring engineering and development staff.
    • Proven ability to create and direct effective teams to accomplish amazing things.
  • Diverse experience encompassing both small organizations and large institutions.
    • Lead and managed systems and teams across multiple geographic locations and time zones.
    • Software development comfortable with NodeJSPython, SwiftObjective-C, C#, C, and Java.
    • Distributed Systems, web services, micro-services, and application development including:
      • MacOS desktop, IOS and Android mobile development
      • Holistic and deep involvement with development, quality assurance and operations for multiple web based service platforms.
    • Test directed development, continuous integration, and continuous deployment.
  • Extensive experience using, contributing and leading with open source software
    • Kubernetes member and contributor
    • Project Technical Lead (Keystone) and OpenStack contributor
  • Author: Kubernetes for Developers


Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering and Bachelor of Science Computer Engineering, May 1990 from University of Missouri – Columbia, MO.