I’m writing a book: Kubernetes for Developers

Quite a number of years ago, I did piece work and later published a book through MacMillan publishing. Being technical books, they are long gone from the shelves as time  made the content irrelevant. Although Gus sometimes likes to poke me saying he found a copy of my book in a used book bin. StrangeContinue reading “I’m writing a book: Kubernetes for Developers”

I’m writing this for you, I just don’t know who you are…

I really enjoy traveling, and I’d say “and meeting new people”, but I’m a fairly introverted fellow in person, and tend to hang back a bit. None the less, I watch and I listen. I spent the earlier part of the summer in western Europe – where my knowledge of the language is not evenContinue reading “I’m writing this for you, I just don’t know who you are…”

Does the game of chess show us a map to future jobs?

I have been interested in the field of Artificial Intelligence since the 80's – pretty much the heart of the "AI winter". Like many others, I remember when Kasparov lost to the IBM DeepBlue Chess AI in the 1997, and watched in fascination as DeepMind's AlphaGo beat Lee Sodel in Go in 2015. At thisContinue reading “Does the game of chess show us a map to future jobs?”

Navigating European small towns with an Apple Watch

A little before I started my recent walk-about in Europe, I invested in a Series 2 Apple Watch. I had not worn a watch in over a decade – I used to carry a pocket watch until smart phones made that extraneous. I thought I'd try it as a replacement to my twice-worn-out-fitbit since itContinue reading “Navigating European small towns with an Apple Watch”

Stochastic testing and developer tools

Intermittent issues, or bugs with intermittent reproducibility, are some of the most frustrating issues to track down. In past experience, these kinds of bugs are often multi-thread race conditions or a failed assumption about something that’s happening asynchronously that you thought was synchronous (or just expected to happen quicker). Tracking these down is immensely timeContinue reading “Stochastic testing and developer tools”