Watching the sun rise and set through google requests

Ensconced on the couch with my laptop and a couple of blankets, I’m out scanning around for post-thanksgiving reading, and I came across a reference to a research paper by Rob Pike (yeah, THAT Rob Pike) at Google Labs. The paper is on Sawzall, a mechanism for distributed analysis, which is pretty darn intriguing inContinue reading “Watching the sun rise and set through google requests”


Riding the bus home from work yesterday, the driver came on and said: “The administrative rules forbid me from wishing every one of you a Happy Thanksgiving, instead suggesting ‘Happy Holidays’ or something else equally lame. However, if you wish my a Happy Thanksgiving, I may return the comment in kind.” heh. Happy Thanksgiving!


Mac command line stuff – did you know about textutil? I didn’t – not until I read the article at OReilly this evening. That’s a cool program! (I already knew about tidy and opendiff)