Sterling Engines

There’s a neat article about the upcoming use of Sterling Engines to create some highly effecient solar energy conversion in the California desert. I first read about this some time back, and have since been quietly obsessed with the idea of using the external combustion engine (yes, that’s correct and NOT a typo) in aContinue reading “Sterling Engines”


With the pics from Crater Lake up there now, I’m reminded of something that I felt I needed to share for my own future embarrasment and reference. When the snow you are standing is holding you, that doesn’t mean that it’s only a few inches deep, or that you don’t need snowshoes. The snow, inContinue reading “Snow”

OLSR at Mindcamp

One of the neat experiments at Mindcamp has been talked about a bit – the Seattle Wireless Network put up (or attempted to put up) a rather large ad-hoc wireless network using OLSR. It’s been commented on by others, so I’ll just summarize by saying: “Neat experiment, didn’t work for us”. I was very skepticalContinue reading “OLSR at Mindcamp”