Proprioception is one of those big complex, compound latin-y words that means “knowing where you’re at”. Hit the wikipedia link for a much deeper definition. The reason I’m writing about it is because it’s something that I think anyone writing software for a distributed system should know about. This kind of capability may not beContinue reading “Proprioception”

Distributed service platforms largest challenge: network interoperability

The biggest challenge to introducing technologies to an organization today is all about making them available to the end users. Underneath the layers of software, and even hardware, it’s the network – and how technologies plug into that network is a constant challenge. I doubt it’s a surprise to anyone deeply involved in this space and deployingContinue reading “Distributed service platforms largest challenge: network interoperability”

Data Center API – self-service monitoring

When I was Director of Cloud and Automoation Services at Disney, the group I reported into was a Disney-specific Internet Service Provider for the other business units (and there were a LOT of them). The rough goal of that position was “making it possible to run more things for business units, cheaper, faster, better”. It wasContinue reading “Data Center API – self-service monitoring”

The evolving world of the server-side developer

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve talked with a number of folks about Kubernetes, Marathon, Docker Compose, AWS CloudFormation, Terraform, and the bevy of innovation that’s been playing out over the past 12-18 months as Docker swims across the ecosystem.  This is at the top of a lot of people’s minds – how to make applications easierContinue reading “The evolving world of the server-side developer”

How To: Debugging and Isolation

There’s a number of skills that I think are critical to being a good engineer. Although my 20-year-old self would have scoffed at the idea, “clear, correct and concise communication” is probably the most important one. As a team gets larger, this gets harder – for everyone. Sharing ideas and knowledge, communicating across groups that do things differently,Continue reading “How To: Debugging and Isolation”

Learn Fearlessly

I like to teach. I have for years, and I use that skill in nearly every position I’ve had for the past decade. Most of those positions have been in software development, often managing teams or organizations. A weakness I consistently see in engineering organizations is around communications; sharing knowledge. I offset that by communicating (andContinue reading “Learn Fearlessly”

How to maintain a git remote fork

This is a “how to” on a process for managing changes that you keep locally (and only locally) on a fork of a git repository. I can’t believe I’m writing this as a “how to”, but I keep wanting to refer people to this kind of information, so I guess if I want it out here, IContinue reading “How to maintain a git remote fork”

Deep learning and AI research

Several years ago the website was my go-to site for technical news, information, and useful links. Enter the era of twitter, combined with the over-selling-of-stuff website design O’Reilly was experimenting with, and I fell away from the site. I was tired of being inundated with advertising to buy training, listen to XYZ podcast or video, etc.Continue reading “Deep learning and AI research”