Six rules for setting up continuous integration systems

I’ve been using continuous integration, and continuous deployment, across multiple languages, companies, and teams to drive and verify the quality of development. The most frequently visited piece in this blog is a walk-through for setting up continuous integration for python projects with Jenkins. CI systems have evolved and expanded over time. From the earliest daysContinue reading “Six rules for setting up continuous integration systems”

The Data Center API

When I was the Director of Cloud and Automation Services at Disney, I toured Microsoft’s Quincy datacenter. Somewhere in the conversations around that tour, a phrase was dropped that’s stuck with me ever since: the concept of a “DataCenter API”. This was long before “software defined data center” was a concept, and cloud services were finally gettingContinue reading “The Data Center API”

Devops is organizational change

Like many folks with a public blog and internet presence with operational experience, I get pinged by recruiters (even human ones!) looking for “devops people”. The recruiters are looking for talent for their organizations, and to just fill their quotas, I get it. I didn’t reply to this one, instead I’m writing this blog post.Continue reading “Devops is organizational change”

How corporate culture is killing private cloud

I have a hypothesis on why private cloud is such a struggle: Corporations are culturally ingrained not to accept loss of control and unpredictability in expenses, and their adoption of private cloud flies right under the foot of that cultural bias. Let me explain: A huge portion of the saleable use cases for private cloudContinue reading “How corporate culture is killing private cloud”

Openstack Summit Fall 2011 – Wrap-up and overview

I’m back from the OpenStack design summit and conference, just held in Boston, MA. It was a fantastic week, with the first three days dedicated to the design summit – getting down and dirty with the details, and the last two dedicated to the conference portion – talks and panels about folks actively using OpenStack,Continue reading “Openstack Summit Fall 2011 – Wrap-up and overview”

Eyes – a new monitoring system

It was over a year ago that I started getting really annoyed at the state of monitoring systems. They all do what you sort of expect a monitoring system to do – watch (poll) systems and alert you when something’s gone off. Pretty much anyone who’s done much system administration work knows the obvious critters:Continue reading “Eyes – a new monitoring system”

breaking the private network oasis addiction with OAuth

Most reasonably (and larger) sized operations organizations have a pretty standard networking setup – or at least some close variation on the theme. ARIN wants public IP addresses behind load balancers, so most orgnizations front up their services through software or hardware load balancers. From there, it goes back to a highly response “web tier”Continue reading “breaking the private network oasis addiction with OAuth”