the CMDB is dead, long live the CMDB

I work in an environment that has an existing CMDB. Over the past year, I’ve spent a fair number of man hours from my team and an equal number of hours of my own thinking about what it is, what we want from it, and how so much of what’s available today just doesn’t cutContinue reading “the CMDB is dead, long live the CMDB”

Using fabric to deploy a Pinax project

I spent the better part of this morning screwing around with Fabric to get even a basic deployment working correctly with Pinax. I may be doing this horrifically backwards… Since I finally nailed something that worked for me and I couldn’t find much out there on the web, I wanted to post up a resultContinue reading “Using fabric to deploy a Pinax project”

Building the high spires – enabling elastic cloud computing

Somewhat related to my previous post – I’ve been thinking a lot about packaging lately. At work, I’ve jumped into a team that’s responsible for a whole bunch of infrastructure – envisioning it, building it, and running it. Two months ago I thought I’d jump in and start building some really awesome spires. Spires inContinue reading “Building the high spires – enabling elastic cloud computing”

Infrastructure (python)

I’m taking some time today to read up on the events and talks at PyCon 2009 happening this past week in Chicago. I’ve been watching a few folks on twitter who are there (John DeRosa and Ted Leung). It’s been interesting to see what’s happening through their comments and links. There’s the inevitable talks thatContinue reading “Infrastructure (python)”