Functional testing with Lettuce and Fabric

After the launch of Nebula, from which I think I’m mostly recovered, I’ve been thinking about and working on ways to allow us to accelerate development. Our team has done a fair bit of work on the Openstack Dashboard, an incubating project within OpenStack, and we have a couple of internal http based interfaces forContinue reading “Functional testing with Lettuce and Fabric”

jquerymobile and having design constraints

I’ve been working on this idea/project called Eyes for the past year on and off. Maybe for the past 4 to 6 months I’ve been stymied by what I want the visual representation to look like, struggling with the options of an open HTML design canvas. I’m afraid the sheer potential of anything there leftContinue reading “jquerymobile and having design constraints”

The darker side of Pinax

I really like the concept of Pinax, but I’m beginning to see the darker sides of the project. Here’s the fundamental issue: Pinax does a completely kick ass job of making a combined and base project that pulls together a lot of pretty darn good re-usable django “applications” into a single project. What it doesn’tContinue reading “The darker side of Pinax”

Using fabric to deploy a Pinax project

I spent the better part of this morning screwing around with Fabric to get even a basic deployment working correctly with Pinax. I may be doing this horrifically backwards… Since I finally nailed something that worked for me and I couldn’t find much out there on the web, I wanted to post up a resultContinue reading “Using fabric to deploy a Pinax project”

integrated project management for development

Ironically, the choices for an in-house integrated project management toolchain are, to my mind, significantly more limited than the straight up open-source market. I have been looking and watching several projects over the past months for something that I could use for my development team at work (i.e. behind a corporate firewall and not publiclyContinue reading “integrated project management for development”

South – incredible easy migrations for Django

I’ve been hacking away at a side project for the past three or four weeks – got myself to internal milestone #2 this weekend, for which I’m really pleased. The very tail end of this milestone was deploying the code somewhere and vetting that all the basic, mostly-crappy-still bits actually worked. Since I’ve got itContinue reading “South – incredible easy migrations for Django”