Setting up a python CI server with Hudson

Installing Hudson I start with a basic virtual machine – in this case, I’m using Ubuntu Server 9.10. Once you have a basic machine installed, I recommend you make sure everything’s up to date with patches. sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get dist-upgrade If you haven’t already, consider installing an ssh server for remote login. YouContinue reading “Setting up a python CI server with Hudson”

Knowing when to back off a project…

A couple of years ago I created the original code behind project Django Queue Service on a bet with myself at the O’Reilly Open Source Convention. A few months later I popped the whole thing up on Google Code hosting and made it an open source project. A couple of fellows joined me in hackingContinue reading “Knowing when to back off a project…”

Django 1.0

Congratulations to the entire development team and Django community for making the Django 1.0 release today! It’s a monumental accomplishment, and I’m very pleased to see it here. I’m not as active in the community these days, but I’m still using the project on a regular basis as one of my “secret weapons” to getContinue reading “Django 1.0”

Django and the Google AppEngine

I’m sure that anyone into Django will either see or hear about this before they catch my blog post, but it’s too neat a story not to write about a comment on. Tonight, Google released AppEngine – an elastic computing environment specifically set up with the idea of developing web applications in python. They’ve pushedContinue reading “Django and the Google AppEngine”

benchmarking Django Queue Service

I took some time this afternoon to benchmark out the work we’ve been doing with the Django Queue Service. We haven’t done anything to optimize it, and we’re starting to push in some code to make it fully support REST verbs (as opposed to its current REST/RPC mixed style). Seemed like a good time toContinue reading “benchmarking Django Queue Service”