SeattleBus and the iPad

I received a call last night, rather out of the blue. “Are you porting OneBusAway to the iPad?” was the opening line. “Uh… No, but then i didn’t write OneBusAway either. I wrote SeattleBus…” That bit of confusion resolved, we talked some more about Brian Ferris’ very impressive work with OneBusAway and contributions that it’sContinue reading “SeattleBus and the iPad”

The language of gestures, v0.9

Since I woke up this morning, I’ve been thinking about the patterns and new UI concepts that we are becoming accustomed to with this first release of the iPad. Like a lot of others, I’m intensely interested in the productivity apps: pages, keynote, brushes, sketchbook pro, omnigraffle. The ipad applications that reach beyond the briefContinue reading “The language of gestures, v0.9”

iPad UI twiddlin – it’s about the thumbs & gestures

I haven’t spent quite as much of today with the iPad in my hands, but I’ve been thinking and mulling over elements about it all day. It’s the Mail application, you see. It bugs me. Well, it bugs me in portrait mode especially, but in general the gestures and constants that I’d sort of hopeContinue reading “iPad UI twiddlin – it’s about the thumbs & gestures”