SeattleBus 1.2.0 sent in for review

Seattle Bus 1.2.0 has been pushed up to the App Store for application review. This update changes out the underlying parser, allowing the application to use King County’s provided real-time data feed ( instead of the one hosted by UW ( While the site has been responding fine for the past few weeks, we’veContinue reading “SeattleBus 1.2.0 sent in for review”

Diving head first into GTD with OmniFocus

I think it’s safe to say that Things and OmniFocus are the top two GTD task manager dawgs in the field right now. And yeah, I know – Things is the shizzle right now and the application looks pretty darn fine. I spent a lot of time over the past week looking at both applications,Continue reading “Diving head first into GTD with OmniFocus”

SeattleBus Diary: One thousand eighteen bus stops

One thousand eighteen bus stops … or how [UITableView reloadData] kicked my butt The SeattleBus application includes a database with 1018 stops in it. Those were all the stops that I had with geolocation data and to which the MyBus web service responded with stop information. I started with 1211 data points, but just aroundContinue reading “SeattleBus Diary: One thousand eighteen bus stops”