screencasting with ScreenFlow and VMware Fusion

I’ve decided to take a page from some of the open source goodies I’ve seen and start using screen-casting as a means of documenting and explaining some things at work. Most of what I do at work happens on Windows though – so I’ve arranged an interesting setup. I have ScreenFlow capturing my desktop whileContinue reading “screencasting with ScreenFlow and VMware Fusion”

Syncing data from your iPhone app to a desktop… and other “iPhone SDK bugs”

I was reading Paul’s post on iPhone SDK bug reporting and sort of pondering that list. I’m not sure I care specifically about a bug for being able to run a background application so much as I want to be able to get application events when my application isn’t active. At least for my needsContinue reading “Syncing data from your iPhone app to a desktop… and other “iPhone SDK bugs””

bugreport for iPhone SDK: Enable remote events to 3rd party applications

I’m mentioning it here in case anyone else would like to reference/jump on this particular bandwagon. rdar://problem/5788673: Summary: Please enable some mechanism for 3rd party applications to receive events or run in the background to poll for events from remote sources. Notes: In the initial release of the SDK, there does not appear to beContinue reading “bugreport for iPhone SDK: Enable remote events to 3rd party applications”

iPhone SDK

It’s a big day in the world of folks who are Apple Developers. Apple announced and released their iPhone SDK this morning (well, morning if you’re on the west coast of the US anyway). Apple has up a quicktime webcast of the presentation, and it’s a pretty slick one. I followed Jacqui’s liveblog of theContinue reading “iPhone SDK”


A long time ago, on a server that was probably far, far away… there lived a little project called UnitKit. I’m not trying to resurrect it or anything – although I still think it’s form was nicer than Sen:te OCUnit that Apple adopted. (I really liked the macro mechanisms and the choice of phrases –Continue reading “UnitKit”

Xcode 3.0 overview

I gave the presentation to Xcoders group last night – a short overview of the new features of Xcode 3. If you get a copy of the presentation, you’ll need VoodooPad to view it. If you don’t already have it, you can get a free/lite version at There’s a bit up on the Xcoders’s blog as well.