What Apple might do with distributed computing

I’m excited to see not only async-await making it thoroughly into the language (in Swift 5.6), but also the extensions that enable actors and distributed actors with this general sweep of the Swift language embracing concurrency. It’s been several years in the making, and the past year has been building much of these base piecesContinue reading “What Apple might do with distributed computing”

How corporate culture is killing private cloud

I have a hypothesis on why private cloud is such a struggle: Corporations are culturally ingrained not to accept loss of control and unpredictability in expenses, and their adoption of private cloud flies right under the foot of that cultural bias. Let me explain: A huge portion of the saleable use cases for private cloudContinue reading “How corporate culture is killing private cloud”

Making keystoneclient python library a little easier to work with

A few weeks prior to the Grizzly OpenStack Design Summit, I was digging around in various python-*client libraries for OpenStack. Glanceclient had just started to use python-keystoneclient to take care of it’s auth needs, but everyone else was doing it themselves – intertia from having it in the base project from the early days andContinue reading “Making keystoneclient python library a little easier to work with”

OpenStack Keystone plans for the Grizzly release

I posted this information to the OpenStack-dev mailing list, but thought it would be worthwhile as a blog post as well. Here is an overview of what’s looking to happen in Keystone over the grizzly release cycle. From the summit, we had the state of the project slides, which might be of interest: http://www.slideshare.net/ccjoe/oct-2012-state-of-project-keystone SinceContinue reading “OpenStack Keystone plans for the Grizzly release”

OpenStack Design Summit – wrap-up and links

This fall’s OpenStack design summit in San Diego is wrapped up, and we’re all back to being distributed across the globe. I was pleased with the summit, and pleased to see the project I’m helping coordinate (Keystone) move forward with a lot of ideas, growing interest in contributions, and concrete feedback from a wide mixContinue reading “OpenStack Design Summit – wrap-up and links”

Openstack Summit Fall 2011 – Wrap-up and overview

I’m back from the OpenStack design summit and conference, just held in Boston, MA. It was a fantastic week, with the first three days dedicated to the design summit – getting down and dirty with the details, and the last two dedicated to the conference portion – talks and panels about folks actively using OpenStack,Continue reading “Openstack Summit Fall 2011 – Wrap-up and overview”