Tim Bray on Google Analytics

I’ve heard the whistle of Google Analytics since it was released a little while back, but Tim Bray’s article on it is the first that I’ve seen someone really dig into it – even just to show it off with some of his own comparisons based on his site. Kind of interesting…

AIM has been flaky

AIM has been flaky a lot lately. Every time I turn around, it seems to have logged me out or otherwise disconnected me. And I’m seeing it happen periodically to others. What’s up with that? -joe

Trackbacks disabled

Dear Spamming Pieces of Shit, I’ve disabled trackback now too. Are you happy? You damn jerks. I’m going to have to dump this blog mechanism and do something else. WordPress is a possibility, writing something myself is too (although I’m lacking a bit o’ time for that right now).