Not really related to programming, but it’s geeky. Check out the SkyScout. That’s an incredible idea! Take it out to tiger mountain or the western side of the olympic penninsula sometime in summer and have an incredible time with it!


Hrm. That’s a bummer – is down for emergency maintenance. we’ll be back as soon possible. Hope they’re back soon, and that everything is “OK”

more on OLPC

Ran across a link to Jim Getty’s blog where he’s talking about the hardware specifics associated with the OLPC project. Pretty cool – and definitely a blog to watch.

Django screencast

More geekstuff… If you’re into screencasts (typically of a demo of how to use some technology) – then you should hear about the Django Screencast. It’s nothin’ official like from the Django maker folks, but it is pretty slick. 7Mb, H264 codec (meaning you’ll need Quicktime 7 or VLC to view it).