AIM has been flaky

AIM has been flaky a lot lately. Every time I turn around, it seems to have logged me out or otherwise disconnected me. And I’m seeing it happen periodically to others. What’s up with that? -joe

Trackbacks disabled

Dear Spamming Pieces of Shit, I’ve disabled trackback now too. Are you happy? You damn jerks. I’m going to have to dump this blog mechanism and do something else. WordPress is a possibility, writing something myself is too (although I’m lacking a bit o’ time for that right now).


Neat site! I just spotted it through a sort of convoluted reference of Make magazine, iPod video files, and Squid labs: Instructables. It’s a sort of common-sharing site for how to make all sorts of neat and bizarre things. Kind of an interactive MAKE magazine with all kinds of content (i.e. not moderated).

Watching the sun rise and set through google requests

Ensconced on the couch with my laptop and a couple of blankets, I’m out scanning around for post-thanksgiving reading, and I came across a reference to a research paper by Rob Pike (yeah, THAT Rob Pike) at Google Labs. The paper is on Sawzall, a mechanism for distributed analysis, which is pretty darn intriguing inContinue reading “Watching the sun rise and set through google requests”


Mac command line stuff – did you know about textutil? I didn’t – not until I read the article at OReilly this evening. That’s a cool program! (I already knew about tidy and opendiff)