Amusing Google Maps remix

Although I’m not hip on getting an XBox 360 immediately (I want to wait and see with this one, and the games aren’t that compelling to me), this Google Maps remix of where inventory resides nearby is pretty cool.

Sterling Engines

There’s a neat article about the upcoming use of Sterling Engines to create some highly effecient solar energy conversion in the California desert. I first read about this some time back, and have since been quietly obsessed with the idea of using the external combustion engine (yes, that’s correct and NOT a typo) in aContinue reading “Sterling Engines”

OLSR at Mindcamp

One of the neat experiments at Mindcamp has been talked about a bit – the Seattle Wireless Network put up (or attempted to put up) a rather large ad-hoc wireless network using OLSR. It’s been commented on by others, so I’ll just summarize by saying: “Neat experiment, didn’t work for us”. I was very skepticalContinue reading “OLSR at Mindcamp”