Redmine and a scrum board

After a few days of playing and working with Redmine and some plugins, here’s where I’ve ended up: Redmine 0.8.7 (latest stable branch) Mercurial repository redmine charts plugin ( redmine backlog plugin ( I tried the redmine scrumdashboard plugin (, but was never able to get it even functional. The whole thing stacktraced under 0.8.7Continue reading “Redmine and a scrum board”

integrated project management for development

Ironically, the choices for an in-house integrated project management toolchain are, to my mind, significantly more limited than the straight up open-source market. I have been looking and watching several projects over the past months for something that I could use for my development team at work (i.e. behind a corporate firewall and not publiclyContinue reading “integrated project management for development”

debugging Active Directory LDAP authentication in Redmine

What else does a geek do on Christmas eve? How about some ruby on rails debugging, especially when I don’t really know anything other than the basics of Ruby on Rails. 🙂 So here’s what I’ve done and what I’ve learned, for the great search engine in the sky and the next time I findContinue reading “debugging Active Directory LDAP authentication in Redmine”

One of those interesting differences between python and ruby…

In fiddling with ruby, I noticed that the method names can be really interesting – rails (maybe others too, dunno) has some methods that look like: object.stop? which is typically used to return a boolean indicating wether or not “stop” is true. Ok, cool. Another interesting method call is object.close which appears to be identicalContinue reading “One of those interesting differences between python and ruby…”

Ah! so that’s what happened…

I’ve spent most of the afternoon re-aquainting myself with Mac programming idioms, and generally getting myself into a veritable froth of possibilityand over-imagination about the CoreAnimation technologies. Outside of that, I finally backtracked into the world of Ruby on Rails to figure out why all the examples in the books were completely screwed up for me.Continue reading “Ah! so that’s what happened…”