I little bit of skapeti is planned for dinner tonight (yeah, John – that’s normally Spaghetti – but I spelled it wrong intentionally). Karen’s in the kitchen cooking up a sauce from scratch that smells like it’s going to be terrific. I did some chopping of the onions and garlic, and am currently engaged inContinue reading “Skapeti”


Karen and I flew into Burlington, Iowa today – not a bad flight at all really. We had to get up at a rather unholy hour, but the trip was smooth (bounce through St. Louis with a few hour layover) and uneventful. Unfortunately for us, the majority of the US was covered with clouds today,Continue reading “Iowa”


Aside from my little “Merry Christmas” note, I’m ending my self-imposed “unplugged”/computer exile for the holidays. It’s always a good thing to do I think – just disconnect thoroughly from everything for a little while. No cell phone, no email… I even avoided reading the RSS feeds. But now I’m back, albeit quietly. For whateverContinue reading “disconnect”