An Open Letter to King County Metro

This afternoon, we spotted these signs in the Queen Anne neighborhood on the King County Metro Route 4. We purchased our house with the benefit of this route being so close and convenient, and the King County Metro system has been proposing to remove this specific route for quite a while. My letter to Jack Whisner follows:Continue reading “An Open Letter to King County Metro”

SeattleBus and the iPad

I received a call last night, rather out of the blue. “Are you porting OneBusAway to the iPad?” was the opening line. “Uh… No, but then i didn’t write OneBusAway either. I wrote SeattleBus…” That bit of confusion resolved, we talked some more about Brian Ferris’ very impressive work with OneBusAway and contributions that it’sContinue reading “SeattleBus and the iPad”

Seattle Bus updated to version 1.2.0 – ready for sale

I received the email notification tonight – Seattle Bus 1.2 is now available for sale again on the App Store. The new version is all about the new parser which is able to read the not-quite-valid HTML page that provides the data from King County Metro’s tracker site . Hopefully this will completely resolve theContinue reading “Seattle Bus updated to version 1.2.0 – ready for sale”

SeattleBus 1.2.0 sent in for review

Seattle Bus 1.2.0 has been pushed up to the App Store for application review. This update changes out the underlying parser, allowing the application to use King County’s provided real-time data feed ( instead of the one hosted by UW ( While the site has been responding fine for the past few weeks, we’veContinue reading “SeattleBus 1.2.0 sent in for review”

Data feed for Seattle Bus stalled out

A quick update for folks looking for help with Seattle Bus: The site that the application uses for it’s data source ( has been intermittently available recently, and today it’s been down completely. This is a site run at the University of Washington, and I’m afraid I don’t have a direct contact with the administrators.Continue reading “Data feed for Seattle Bus stalled out”

Competition for Seattle Bus

I found out this morning that I have competition for Seattle Bus! Barry Kaplan made a damn-near copy of my application and is selling it on the App Store for $0.99. From the initial reviews, he apparently started selling it for free. He also appears to have completely ripped off the icon from Zhenwang YaoContinue reading “Competition for Seattle Bus”

SeattleBus Diary: problems getting a distribution build made correctly

This isn’t new news – just bits that I couldn’t post because of Apple’s NDA on the technologies behind the iPhone. I wrote the results a little while ago – but I wanted to put something up here for Google to find and help out other folks in case they run into the same issue.Continue reading “SeattleBus Diary: problems getting a distribution build made correctly”