Getting… Sleepy…

MindCamp has been variously boring and really interesting, depending on the moment, discussion, and relative proximity to random happenings all around. I’ve got to say it is much more successful than I expected.

There’s folks that I’ve written back and forth with over the past several years that I’d never met until tonight. Others that I’d worked with previously who I hadn’t seen in a year or so. In general, it’s been a huge diversity of folks and topics. Gus took off for the night, but I’m going to stick around and run through the night. The population definitely dropped off about 10pm – we had easily 150 earlier today, and as I’m writing this we’re down to maybe 60 or 70 people scattered about several room and one really large room.

The most interesting topics today were augmentation (early in the morning) and visualization of language (late tonight) that really had diverse folks involved in them.

Not sure where I’m going to crash yet (lots of space, it’s just getting a corner that I like at this point). I expect getting somewhere nailed down is the next order of business.

Testing web apps (Python, Twill)

Michele Simionato has an article up at OReillyNet on testing web applications, focused mainly around python and Twill.

Twill is a neat little mini-language thing, and he mentions Selenium at the very end of the article. I wish he’d looked a little more into Selenium. The more I see of it, the more I think “Damn, that’s a framework to really get to know and use” – at least for testing purposes. As we move more and more into using Javascript to push the envelope for web applications, getting a good system of testing that stuff is critically important (I hadn’t a good clue on how to chase that very subject down 12 months ago), and the FIT-style display of tests and results is a very powerful mechanism.

Note – I haven’t actually used Selenium yet, but I think its something I will before all is said and done.

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