SketchersGrid provides you with a photo grid overlay from which you can sketch or paint. It also allows you to quickly compare a photo of your current work against composition rules such as the rule of thirds.

Different grid colors may chosen to find better contrasting colors for your image, and each image can be saved along with the color choice and grid location settings.

The grid can be resized and moved around the image, and then tapped to focus the view on just the grid area without deleting the original image.

SketchersGrid also offers an action app extension called ‘View Composition’ allowing you to display an image from another application (such as Photos, Procreate, etc) with the default rule-of-thirds hairline overlay to verify your composition.

Activating the View Composition action extension

Apple does not allow app extensions to be activated automatically. In order to use the ‘View Composition’ app extension, you will need to activate it first. To do so:

  1. Open an IOS application that can share images, such as the Photo’s app.
  2. select an imageundefined and once selected, press the share button.
  3. This will displays all the action and share extensions. You can now swipe left on that list of extensions which will end in one named More
  4. Tap “more” and you will see a vertical list of all possible actions, some activated and some unactivated
  5. Scroll to the bottom of that list where you will find View Composition and toggle it active. You can also drag it up in the list to change the order in which the extensions are displayed to make it more convenient.
  6. The extension will now be available whenever you share any image on an IOS application.
  7. Tap on View Composition to see a temporary view with the rule of thirds overlay.

Privacy Policy

Apple requires all IOS applications to have a Privacy Policy. SketchersGrid privacy policy is available at, the short form of which is “we don’t collect or store anything”, but please refer to the document for the full details.

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